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Gippsland Chemical Peel Treatments

Do you want to flaunt fresh, flawless, hydrated skin? Our chemical peels helps to improve the texture of your skin – leaving you with smoother, younger looking skin.

Also known as medi-aesthetic peels, our facial peels are a great way to help reduce those fine lines and wrinkles, treat acne and reduce acne scarring. Our range of peels also assist with refining the texture of your skin from sun damage and pigmentation.

No matter your skin type or condition, our qualified nurse can assess your unique needs to provide the best chemical peel suited for you. We only use high quality peel products that provides you with great and long-lasting results.

Benefits of Chemical Peel Treatments

  • Improve skin tone. Lighten freckles, reduce dark spots, and improve sun-damaged skin.
  • Treat Acne & Scarring. Reduce the appearance of mild scarring and treat active acne. Our peels also helps to reduce enlarged pores, to improve the look and feel of tired skin.
  • Create a youthful appearance. Helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles caused by aging, sun damage, and environment.
  • Safe & non-toxic. Our chemical peels are safe to use and do not contain harmful toxins.
  • Fast & Affordable. We only use good quality chemical solutions that deliver fast results that last for the long term.

Would you like to find out if Chemical Peels are suitable for you?

Chemical Peel Treatment Types

No skin type or condition is the same. We provide a range of chemical peel treatments that can suit your unique needs. Our qualified nurse will assess your skin condition to find the peel that best suits you.

The main types of chemical peels we offer to our clients include:

Enerpeel Mandelic Peel

This type of peel does not require any preparation. This is fondly known as the ‘party peel’, as it’s perfect just before your special event to give your skin that perfect glow.

Enerpeel Pyruvic Peel

This peel is a superficial medium peel that is great for ageing, melasma (patchy or pigmented skin) and oily skin

Enerpeel Jessners Peel

This peel is a superficial medium peel that includes Salicylic acid (15%), Lactic acid (20%) and Resorcin (14%). A 2 week prep time is required and is great for skin pigmentation, especially after that sunny holiday getaway.

Enerpeel TCA 25% Medium Deep Peel

This type of peel also requires a 2 week prep time with clinic products. It is perfect for epidermal lesions, photoaging (UV or sun damage) and scars.

Enerpeel TCA LP Peel

Similar to the Enterpeel TCA 25% Medium Peel, this peel also requires 2 week prep time with clinic products.

Enerpeel TCA Strong 40% Medium to Deep Peel

This peel is used for deeper epidermal lesions, photoaging (UV or sun damage) and scars.

Enerpeel TCA Hands 20% Superficial Medium Peel

This type of peel is used for aging damage and spots on the hands.

Enerpeel TCA Neck Peel

This peel is a superficial medium peel that includes Pyruvic (30%) and Lactic Acid (5%) and is used for aging, hypo elasticity of your neck and decolletage. 

How Do Chemical Peels Work?

Also known as medi-aesthetic face peels, our peels use a chemical solution to speed up your skin’s exfoliation process. Your skin will not ‘peel’ off – but rather will gently flake over the next few days as your new skin is brought to the surface.

Our chemical peels are pain free, non invasive and fast-acting. The treatment time itself is typically only 20-30 minutes, so you will be back into your daily routine in no time.

Help improve your skin care budget and routine with chemical peels. Peels are a great compliment to your existing skin care routine, to provide you with great results. You are left with brighter looking skin, smoother skin tone and smoother texture. We only use high quality peel solutions which provides you with fast and long-lasting results.

Aftercare for Chemical Peel Treatments

Our chemical peel treatments are carefully administered by our registered nurse. We assess your skin type and what conditions need to be targeted before recommending the type of peel most suitable for you.

Whilst we use the best quality chemical solutions in our peels, it is likely you will still experience some mild side-effects. This includes a warm sensation in your face, and a pink-tone in your face. In some cases, you may also experience some mild swelling.

These side effects will gradually subside over the next 24-72 hours. To assist with your comfort following treatment we recommend:

  • Applying a cold press for no longer than 10 minutes following treatment. This will help to reduce the heat in the skin.
  • Apply a cooling gel to keep your skin feeling cool.
  • Avoid using makeup for the next 48 hours following treatment. If you do use makeup, then use a light mineral-based foundation.

It is common for your skin to feel a little tight and start to flake following your chemical peel treatment. Depending on your skin type, you may also experience acne breakouts. This is completely normal, and is a good sign that your skin is rejuvenating and purging the impurities in your skin.

To assist you in receiving as little side effects as possible we recommend you follow some post-treatment care:

  • Do not have hot showers. Keep to cool to luke-warm water temperatures.
  • Do not pick or scratch your skin. This may lead to infections and scarring.
  • Try to sleep on your back and use an extra pillow to raise your head. This will help with any swelling and rubbing of the skin.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, and use an SPF 50+ sunscreen on your face.

Chemical Peel Treatments – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare my skin before a chemical peel treatment?

We recommend you limit exposure to the sun for at least 2 weeks prior to treatment. We also recommend avoiding or limiting using products on your face that include AHA, BHA and Vitamin A products.

Do chemical peels hurt?

Our chemical peels are not painful at all! You will feel the heat as the peel is applied, and we will ask for your feedback on how you’re feeling as we progress with the treatment. Once your treatment is finished we will apply a cooling agent to assist with the heat.

What are the side-effects of chemical peels?

Every person is different, however you may experience some mild side-effects. This includes heat, redness and perhaps some mild swelling following your treatment. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about. These effects typically don’t last any longer than 24-72 hours. We guide you on how to take care of your skin and reduce the heat following your treatment – nice and easy!

Will my skin type be suitable for a chemical peel?

Chemical peels are suitable for most people. We offer a range of peels to cater for different skin types and conditions. We take you through a complimentary consultation to assess your skin type and condition before recommending the best type of chemical peel for you.

Can I just do a chemical peel at home myself?

For best results, chemical peels should be assessed and administered by a professional. At-home chemical peels can be dangerous and can damage the skin if applied incorrectly. It is best to let a professional assess the strength of peel needed and closely supervise the application and skin reaction to the peel.

Do I need to stay out of the sun following a chemical peel?
We do recommend you stay out of direct sunlight for at least 72 hours following a chemical peel treatment. Your skin will be raw and sensitive. We recommend you use an SPF 50+ sunscreen on your face to keep your skin nice and protected.

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