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Cutera truSculpt Flex treatment in Gippsland

Cutera Muscle Sculpting with truFlex

At The Cosmetic Skin Lab, we offer muscle sculpting with truFlex for those wanting a defined, strengthened and toned appearance. In as little as 15 minutes, truFlex technology provides Multi-Directional Stimulation which covers the largest treatment area in the body sculpting industry.

This non-invasive treatment is customised to suit your body shape, fitness level and appearance goals. It can be used on several different body parts, including buttocks, abdominal area and thighs.

Benefits of truFlex Treatment for Muscle and Body Sculpting

Cutera muscle sculpting is a hugely popular treatment for many reasons. Some of the main ones are:

Non Invasive. Patients get great results without needing to undergo surgery or have local anaesthetics or painful injections.

No Downtime. A truFlex treatment is perfect for those with busy schedules. There’s no need for rest or downtime after the treatment, meaning you can get on with your day straight away.

Great Results. Most patients notice a difference in as little as 4 treatments, with firmer and more defined muscles.

Customisation. Medical professionals can customise the number and location of up to 16 handpieces, allowing for personalised results depending on your body shape and goals.

Quick Treatment. Some patients may only require a treatment session of 15 minutes. After discussing your goals and ideal look with our team, they’ll advise on the best treatment plan and treatment length.

Would You Like to Find Out if a truFlex Treatment is Suitable for You?

How Does truFlex Sculpting Work?

truFlex works by transmitting electrical currents that induce muscle contractions which help muscles to slowly build up tolerance and strength. The technology contracts muscles, much like during exercise but more intensely, and then relaxes them to build up resistance and endurance.

truFlex technology penetrates deep, stimulating muscles in different body zones to encourage a sculpted, smooth and defined appearance. The 16 handpieces can be used on the abdominal area, thighs and buttocks for maximum impact and effect.

Aftercare for truFlex

With truFlex’s unique technology, there’s no need for any downtime or specific aftercare after treatments. You may notice muscle tenderness, a little like after a workout, but because it’s a non-invasive procedure, you can go about your daily life straight away.

Cutera truFlex Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Cutera truFlex?

Cutera truFlex is a non-invasive treatment that helps to tone, strengthen and define muscles for an improved overall figure. It allows for customisation based on the your body shape, fitness level and appearance goals.

It works by emitting low levels of Multi-Directional Stimulation energy to force muscles to contract, therefore improving endurance and helping them to tone.

How Long Does truFlex Last?

The best results will appear between 8-12 weeks after your last truSculpt Flex session. The effects of truFlex can be permanent when paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise. In fact, clients are encouraged to eat healthily and and exercise often to see the best results. If you don’t pair your Flex body sculpting treatments with a healthy lifestyle, you may not notice any improvements at all.

How Many Sessions of truFlex Do You Need?

The number of sessions you’ll need will really depend on your personalised goals. Whilst results can be seen after just a few sessions, we usually recommend 4-6 treatments 2 times a week for optimal results. Your medical professional may also recommend maintenance treatments to enhance and maintain the results.

What Are the Side Effects of truFlex?

Because truFlex is non-invasive, there are very few side effects to the treatment. You may notice slight muscle tenderness or the occasional muscle spasm after your treatment. In some cases, you might also experience tendon or joint sensitivity and some reddening of the skin where the handpieces make contact. We recommend drinking plenty of water after the procedure to keep yourself hydrated.

What Is the Difference Between Cutera truSculpt ID and truFlex?

Cutera truSculpt ID is a treatment used to reduce fat and can be used on the abdominal area, thighs, upper arms and buttocks. It uses Monopolar RF Energy to target fat cells and permanently damage them so they can’t regenerate and are then eliminated naturally by the body.

Cutera truFlex, however, is used to tone and strengthen muscles. They target similar areas of the body and you can see great results when you use truFlex after truSculpt ID.

Is Cutera truFlex Permanent?

Clients can see long-lasting results with Cutera truFlex treatment but, unless combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, they won’t be permanent. The treatments help to define muscle tone but won’t work independently of staying active and eating well.

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