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We all know the importance of looking after ourselves from the inside by eating well, exercising and staying hydrated. But what about on the outside? Our skin is seen by everyone, every day and we want it to reflect how well we feel on the inside.

As the years pass, our body’s ability to produce elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid decreases. This is completely natural and results in us losing the appearance of softness, volume and elasticity to the look of our face and body. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to stay this way.

You can take care of yourself and reverse the effects of time. Our Gippsland laser treatments are non-invasive, non-surgical, and provide you with immediate and long-lasting results.

Therese Mack is an experienced registered nurse who will provide you with the care and guidance you need to address your specific concerns. Book in now for your free consultation to see how we can help you address your concerns and restore your natural beauty.

Pico Genesis Laser Treatment Gippsland

Our collagen levels decrease as we age, which can result in a loss of plumpness and volume in our skin around the face and neck. Our Pico Genesis Laser Treatment improves collagen production which can help with rosacea, acne and scarring.

Gippsland Skin Resurfacing Laser Treatment

As we age, our skin starts to show the impact our Australian sun has had on our skin. Our skin resurfacing laser treatment uses laser to heat deep layers of your skin to promote collagen production as well as reduce pigmentation and wrinkles.  It continues to work after the treatment and will help improve skin texture and tone to support aged, sun damaged skin. 

Pigmentation Removal Laser Treatment Gippsland

Over time, freckles, hyperpigmentation and melanin pigmentation can increase because of continued exposure to the sun’s UV rays. These pigmentations, more commonly known as age spots and sun spots can be reduced through our laser treatment which helps breakdown these pigmentations. 

Cutera Limelight Gippsland

Cutera LimeLight laser treatments are great for treating and minimising skin redness, brown spots, tiny veins, brown spots and sun damaged skin. It is a non-invasive light treatment that is suitable for a range of aging skin conditions and different skin tones.

Cutera Laser Genesis Gippsland

Cutera Laser Genesis treatments help you keep a youthful look and are great for changing the appearance of skin across your face, neck and décolletage. The heat from the laser helps to clear dilated capillaries cashing redness and are great for treating rosacea. There is no downtime, making them particularly great for women and men.

Laser Hair Removal Gippsland

Are you tired of shaving or waxing? Our Traralgon laser hair removal services are great for removing hair across all areas of your body so you are smooth all year around.

Vascular Treatment Gippsland

Our laser treatment to remove spider veins, telangectasias and reticular veins is done through the laser light being absorbed by haemoglobin in the veins. The heat is transferred to the vessel walls effecting the collagen, and ultimately helps destroy the clotting and prevent it from happening again.

Skin and Micro Needling Gippsland

Dermapen skin needling and micro needling is perfect for rejuvenating your skin. Dermapen creates smoother, healthier looking skin through stimulating the production of collagen. It is effective in reducing fine lines, stretch marks acne scarring with minimal downtime and effective results.

RF Skin Tightening Gippsland

As Gippsland’s leaders in Radiofrequency Skin Tightening treatments, we offer RF Treatments across any body part, with some of the most popular areas including arms, legs, buttocks, neck and face. As few as 6-8 of these non-invasive sessions will give you the best results so you look and feel even more confident.

Laser Tattoo Removal Gippsland

We all change over time and that includes our tastes and in a lot of cases, our tattoos. What represented us best once before, may not reflect who we are now. Whether you want to remove your tattoo all together, or lighten your tattoo for a cover up – Therese and the team at Cosmetic Skin Lab can help.

Cutera truSculpt ID Body Sculpting Gippsland

Remove stubborn fat with a safe, non-intrusive effective treatment. truSculpt ID is suitable for a range of body parts including abdomen, buttocks, upper arms and legs and can help emphasise muscle form and melt fat for a smoother, more defined appearance.

Cutera truFlex Body Sculpting Gippsland

Cutera truFlex is for those wanting a defined, strengthened and toned appearance. In as little as 15 minutes, truFlex technology provides Multi-Directional Stimulation which covers the largest treatment area in the body sculpting industry.