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Cutera truSculpt ID treatment Gippsland

Gippsland Cutera truSculpt

If you want to remove stubborn fat with a non-intrusive, safe and effective treatment? Then truSculpt ID could be perfect for you. With a wide range of body parts eligible for treatment (including abdomen, buttocks, upper arms and legs), this body sculpting treatment helps to emphasise muscle form and melt fat for a smoother, more defined appearance.

Benefits of Cutera truSculpt

There are numerous benefits to truSculpt, making it a very popular treatment for many.

Non Invasive. Unlike some other surgical fat reduction treatments, Cutera truSculpt is non-invasive. Meaning there’s no need for needles, anaesthetics or surgery.

Effective Results. truSculpt is proven to give effective results within the first few months of treatment and provides on average a 24% fat reduction.

Quick Treatment. Treatment sessions usually last between 15 and 30 minutes.

No Downtime. Unlike surgery, there’s no need to rest after a truSculpt treatment.

Permanent Treatment. truSculpt permanently destroys fat cells so they cannot regenerate, ensuring long-term results. As with all fat loss treatments, however, you need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise to keep the weight off.

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How Does Cutera truSculpt Work?

truSculpt ID works by producing Monopolar RF Energy that targets and permanently damages adipose tissues (otherwise known as body fat) beneath the skin. The melted fat is then eliminated naturally by the body through sweat, urine, and exhaling.

Treatments usually last for 15 minutes and many patients notice proven results after as little as one treatment.

Aftercare for truSculpt ID Treatment

One of the biggest benefits of truSculpt ID is that there is little to no aftercare needed. Because the procedure is non-invasive, there’s no downtime and patients can go about their daily lives as normal after the treatment.

Some patients may notice reddish or pink skin after their truSculpt ID treatment, but this is nothing to worry about and usually goes away within a few hours. It’s also recommended to drink plenty of water as fat cells are secreted through urine.

Cutera truSculpt Frequently Asked Questions

Does truSculpt Really Work?

Yes, truSculpt is an effective treatment that has liposuction-like results whilst being quick and non-invasive. Many patients notice results after just one 15-minute treatment whilst with others it may take a couple of treatments or months to see results.

Each body is different, which means results vary from person to person. Whilst an ideal treatment for those wanting to reduce stubborn fat that can’t be moved from exercise alone, truSculpt is not designed for large quantities of fat such as obesity. In this case, it’s best to talk to a healthcare professional about different ways to lose weight.

How Long Does truSculpt Last?

TruSculpt is a permanent fat reduction treatment. The Monopolar RF Energy targets fat cells, prohibiting them from regenerating and permanently destroying them.

Whilst a permanent treatment, truSculpt still needs to be used in combination with a healthy and active lifestyle. It reduces stubborn fat but, like other weight loss procedures, you can still put weight on after the treatment if you’re not mindful of your diet and activities.

How Painful Is truSculpt?

Most people compare Cutera truSculpt treatments to having a hot stone massage. It’s common to feel heat which some patients may find uncomfortable but which is unlikely to be painful. Most patients don’t find the procedure uncomfortable and any sensations stop when the procedure is over.

If you’re concerned, talk to one of our team before treatment.

How Many truSculpt Sessions Do I Need?

How many tru Body Sculpting sessions you’ll need really depends on your current and desired body shape. Our team will take you through your options in your initial consultation and from there, be able to recommend a certain about of sessions.

Some clients may only need 1, whilst others may need up to 6 sessions to reach their desired goal. We usually recommend spacing sessions 4-8 weeks apart.

Why Does truSculpt Take 12 Weeks?

As with all fat loss procedures, results vary from person to person. It may take some people longer to see results as truSculpt works with your body’s natural waste disposal system, which of course, varies from body to body. It may take up to 12 weeks for your body to dispose of cellular debris, whereas, for others, results may happen much quicker.

What Is the Difference Between truSculpt ID and truSculpt 3D?

Both technologies are very similar and are effective ways of causing apoptosis (breaking down and destruction of fat cells). truSculpt ID, which we offer at The Cosmetic Skin Lab, is an upgraded system allowing for a larger area to be treated at one time with 6 applicators and a hands-free technique. It can also treat areas quicker than other models.

The truSculp 3D, however, has 2 applicators and is more hands-on.

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