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Tattoo Removal Treatment

We all change over time and that includes our tastes and skin. A tattoo that may once have seemed like a good idea might now be outdated, embarrassing or even badly done to begin with. There are lots of reasons why you might be looking for laser tattoo removal but one thing’s for sure – it’s important you go to a specialist with experience who can safely and effectively remove your tattoo.

At the Cosmetic Skin Lab, Therese Mack is a qualified nurse with years of experience providing laser treatment services in the Gippsland area. Using state-of-the-art technology, Therese can successfully remove your tattoo in only a couple of sessions.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Work?

When you get a tattoo, the ink is inserted into the deepest layers of skin using a small needle. Over time, you may notice that the tattoo fades (which may be the reason why you’re getting it removed). Tattoos naturally fade because your immune system realises that the ink particles are a foreign substance that it needs to get rid of.

Laser tattoo removal works by speeding up this process and making it more efficient. When laser light is applied to the tattoo, it breaks the ink into even smaller particles which your immune system can flush out more easily. Because your tattoo penetrates many different layers of skin, the laser breaks up the first layer first, meaning you’ll most likely need a couple of sessions to remove the deepest layers entirely.

What’s Laser Tattoo Removal Equipment Do You Use?

At the Cosmetic Skin Lab, we only use the highest-quality equipment for all our procedures. Cutera’s enlighten technology is a premier solution for the fast and accurate removal of tattoos. The picosecond technology features multiple wavelengths, one of which is the first true-red picosecond wavelength, meaning we’re able to remove multi-coloured tattoos and tattoos with different sized ink particles. 

We offer an effective tattoo removal service in fewer sessions than a lot of traditional tattoo removal treatments.

Would you like to find out if Laser Tattoo Removal is suitable for you?

Aftercare for Laser Tattoo Removal

As with any skin treatment, aftercare is an important and necessary part of your tattoo removal process. Looking after the treated area will help speed up the healing process and will make the overall procedure more effective.

After your treatment in our Gippsland clinic, we’ll apply medical-grade dressings to protect your skin which usually stay on for up to 72 hours. It’s also very important that you stay out of the sun or any extreme heat (such as a sauna) for a couple of days after your tattoo removal. You should also apply a high SPF cream for protection. It’s important the skin remains irritation-free to help the area heal correctly, so avoid waxing, tweezing, threading, exfoliating, hot baths or excessive exercise.

Benefits of Our Tattoo Removal Service

Choosing a clinic you can trust to remove your tattoo is very important. We are highly-trained and use the best equipment to make the process quick, efficient and as painless as possible. We understand that there can be mixed feelings around having tattoos removed and we’re happy to sit down and discuss the whole process with you. Our team are friendly, qualified and will make having your tattoo removed as easy as can be.

Laser Tattoo Removal – Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Laser Tattoo Removal Cost?

This really depends on the size and colour of your tattoo and how your body reacts to the treatment. These will affect the number of sessions you’ll need and the price. Get in contact with us to receive a quote for your unique tattoo.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Tattoo Removal?

It’s common for the treated skin to feel slightly uncomfortable for a few hours after the procedure. Bleeding, discolouration and infection are also possible but are unlikely with a low-energy laser such as the Cutera enlighten. Careful aftercare can also help reduce any negative side effects.

Will My Tattoo Definitely Be Removed?

This really depends on the tattoo in question and your skin type. The Cutera enlighten uses the latest technology to be able to remove all colours – not just black or dark colours which is the case with many other tattoo removal services. Contact us and we’ll be able to discuss your unique treatment in our clinic.

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Painful?

Pain is really subjective and what one person may find painful, another might not. Modern laser devices (such as enlighten) are significantly less painful than older models.

The team at the Cosmetic Skin Lab are also highly-experienced and precise, which reduces the likelihood of any pain.

How Long Is Each Session and How Many Will I Need?

Sessions can last from a few minutes to an hour depending on how large the tattoo is, the tattoo colours and your skin type. It also depends on whether your technician can pass over your tattoo twice in one appointment. 

Again, how many sessions you’ll need will depend on how big the tattoo is. Therese and the team will be able to give you a clearer idea after the first session.

How Should You Prepare for a Tattoo Removal Service?

In the couple of weeks leading up to your tattoo removal, it’s important you keep your skin protected from the sun. Use a moisturising and high SPF sun cream and try to avoid direct sun exposure. 

Can I Get Another Tattoo in the Same Area?

Many people decide to have the pigment faded in a tattoo in order to have a cover-up tattoo done. If there’s no skin damage this shouldn’t be a problem.

Premium technology, such as the one used in our Gippsland clinic, reduces the chances of any skin damage – making it an ideal solution for those who want another tattoo.

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